A juvenile of Brookesia micra, the smallest of the new chameleon species

Smallest lizard EVER! Well, in a tight race with a few others. Brookesia micra was recently found in Madagascar. The picture is linked to an evolution learning site at UC Berkeley, but you can read the primary journal article (just like a research biologist) in the journal PLoS ONE. PLoS is the Public Library of Science. PLoSONE is one of the many scientific journals it publishes.

Where did all of Madagascar’s species come from?

Clockwise from the top: A chameleon, an aye aye, a fossa and a baobab. All are native to Madagascar.

If you follow evolution surprises in the news, you may start wonder why so many come from Madagascar. You’re not the only one. Check out the link to see why this may be.


3, 2, 1 Lift Off!

Today is the grand opening of my blog. I’m the last one to jump on the band wagon. Why now? I’ve actually found something useful for a blog. My plan is to use this to post fun bio stuff I come across for my college students and add comments and my opinions. That means it will be most active during the school year and rather sleepy during the summer.